Fiona Maisel

Studying Karim Rashid’s fluid form design and creating fluid forms to transform a wheelchair that supports the user standing up and down. The forms were created by watching a performance piece by the group Bandaloop to understand movement and ability.

Socks for prosthetics are used to increase the volume in the users socket. Existing products on the market are not customizable and are often ridiculous difficult to get. This product would allow the user to choose their model, color, size, and material online and have it delivered to their door. The user also has the option to add support to areas of the sock that wear out faster so the product has a longer life cycle.

An exploration of an existing BRAUN product MD30. This upgrade makes the product easier to transport as it is wireless. This modular design has a simple interface of turning the product on and adjusting the water presser. 

An exploded view of an off brand RIPSTICK® showcases all parts included in the assemble process of this product.

A seating surface designed with fun and the elements of Memphis design. This chair is bold and colorful- just Memphis.

Perspective sketches for the Memphis seating project. I gave myself the constraints of designing a surface that could accommodate someone with POTS (meaning the user needs to be able to keep their feet comfortably on the ground.), match styles of Elton John’s performance costumes, and have at least 5 intersecting shapes (with at least one organic form next to rectilinear shapes).

This chair is designed for an indoor living space. Having a lot of childlike qualities, I do think it would fit well in a space with children, but is not limited to this space. This chair becomes a conversation piece, in replacement for a functional seating sculpture. This chair can be sold in sets or individually and can be personalized in multiple arrangements.

This night-light for children was created using a laser cutter. Using cut out shapes to create shadows to fill-up space by implementing a pattern in each panel. This product could be assembled in under 15 minutes and stands 18.5 x 19cm.

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