Anthony Culp

This is a bottle that was designed for backpacking. It was heavily inspired by ancient water vessels made from gourds which made them naturally easier to tie to packs and satchels. This bottle is made to be attached to a harness on a pack’s front straps for ease of access and so it doesn’t jostle around too much.

This is a drawing of what the bottle harness would look like and how it would function. The gourd-shaped bottle is the most ideal bottle to be used for this harness because of its “waist” but it is capable of holding a variety of different bottles because versatility is key in backpacking equipment.

This is a small toy xylophone. It was CNC’d and is only about 6 inches wide. It is made to be an amusing little desk toy that can actually produce sound because the xylophone keys have undercuts that help them resonate.

This is a lamp that is built out of laser cut and 3D printed components. The bulb is in a plastic housing in the center and the lamp was built around it. This lamp is made to hold a small plant on the top and illuminate it from underneath to make a calming night light for a night stand.

This is the laser cut plant lamp at night. It casts interesting yet soft shadows.

This is a 3D printed small scale prototype of a chair I designed based on the eccentric Memphis Group’s design language. The chair itself sports their bright colors and striking angles.

These are rendered images of the Memphis inspired chair.

This is a product poster for the Cyclocam, a small gimbal camera that seeks to make the user experience of the gimbal camera better. It does this by having a similar two handed form factor and grips of a video game controller, reducing fatigue on the arms. The camera’s controls are also inspired by the intuitive design of video game controllers and their joysticks.

This was my take on the “What Would Dieter Do?” project where we redesigned something based on Dieter Rams’ design principles. I redesigned my coffee frother I use to make whipped coffee. This was designed to go along with the other Braun products from Rams’ time.

This is my product poster for my coffee frother which was also made to fit into Rams’ aesthetic. It was made to be clean, simple, legible, and stylish.

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