Damla Yenigun

Damla is a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in Product Design who has an interest in leadership, art, fashion, and design through creativity, simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality. She enjoys working in teams and creating designs that will elevate lives. She graduates in May, 2021 and hopes to have a career where she can work in an environment filled with passionate and thoughtful designers.

Emotions can be complex and as humans we are feeling around 7000 emotions a day where we categorize them down to 25 certain feelings. Unfortunately, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder also feel 7000 emotions a day but aren’t able to categorize or identify them down. This situation causes them to get overwhelmed by their extreme amount of feelings which could be misunderstood by others and it leads the autistic individual to mask in social situations. My goal to solve this problem is to create a wearable design that will create an emotional empathy system.

My project Emphabrace fits the 3rd Goal which is "Good health and Well Being Multisectoral: rights-based and gender-sensitive approaches which are essential to address inequalities and to build good health for all." by aiming to help the mental and physical health of individuals with ASD. Also by creating a more empathetic environment it would reduce the inequalities they have been facing in social situations.

The EMPHABRACE bracelet is designed to check daily biometric data by collecting information through sensory technology that is later transferred to the app, as well as having a list of exercises that can help the individual. The user would receive notifications when feeling stressed or overwhelmed and send notifications to manage the individual's current situation. If the collected data still detects overwhelmed and stressed emotions, the product would change its color to warn others to empathize with the autistic individual and let them know that they should give the autistic person some space.

Full Video presentation of project including all process

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