Arya Kapadia

Arya Kapadia is a Product Design student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Arya was born and raised in Mumbai, India, which has helped shape her perspective and encouraged her to create accessible designs through versatility and simplicity. She, therefore, considers it important to approach design globally and holistically which is reflected in her work through systemic thinking.

AMBR is a new approach to caring for your home that engages people with cleaning activities through a circular collection of products. The product family also emphasizes accessibility and inclusion without sacrificing elegance and beauty.

The products that are a part of this system are approached by a new way of thinking by incorporating a DIY approach, along with material considerations to ensure the longevity of the products. 

The dish scrubber is made to last 3x longer than a regular one through extendable bristles by allowing the user to trim and pull the new bristles out when necessary. 

The products elevate the user experience, and the system targets the incorporation of a circular economy business model, along with a DIY approach to increase the longevity of the products. The dispenser lids and scrubber are designed for universality through the Dreyfuss anthropometric data guide.

Full video presentation including all process

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