Jade Liu

Jiawen Liu is a Product Design student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She designs a wide range of durable and sustainable products that could advance humankind and help customers to improve their lifestyle by focusing on exploring human factors and ergonomics. She always keeps her work creative and practical, and also considers a lot about the consumer experience in the design process.

Fullcircle is a tableware set that focuses on enhancing the interactions between family members while also infused with simplicity and beauty. By considering daily interactions within Chinese families, Fullcircle allows users to have more comfortable interactions in the mealtime by amplifying and highlighting the non-verbal communications.

The designed angles and curves not only allow the tableware to fit ergonomically in users' hands but also promote the physical interactions between family members. The turning feature of the plate allows users to invite and share food with others in the mealtime. By having interactions while making, sharing, and exchanging food on daily occasions, people can express and create moral obligations and convey non-verbal emotions between relatives, especially between generations and families

Fullcircle also comes with a mini-program that allows users to have more interactions with family members. Users can simply interact with each other while using the program. At the same time, it also avoids the daily challenging topic of "what to eat today" that existing in most Chinese families.

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