Will Qiu

A set of Chess board designed for PRD 321

Final chess family been selected from the sketches, featured with the simple geometric shape and form

Another set of sketches that was inspired from the classic look of the role of the chess pieces

The set that was inspired from the statement of the chess with its Arab origin

Another angle of the chess pieces

This is the set of sketches that is designed for the footwear project of PRD 321, with certain goal of air permeability and water proof function

This is the second set of sketches for the footwear project, aim to achieve the goal of waterproof with the umbrella form of it

The earlier sketches that meant to approach to the goal with creating pores and enlarging the contact area of the feet to the air

The Fusion360 CAD tryouts been made, I’ve gained deeper understanding of the surface tools and getting more comfy with the forming tool as I practiced more

Final rendering of the CAD

Using Format