Augmented Reality (AR) Furniture

In this project, Intro to Product Design students, led by Juan Noguera, first sketched, then created simple models of furniture to solve a specific space's needs. They used simple materials like clay, then proceeded to 3D scan their models, and to put them into Apple ARKit Augmented Reality formats that you can experience through their page. Simply open the provided links using any compatible iOS device. 

Pluto.usdz - Pluto Yao

Noah.usdz - Noah Paik

Nataly.usdz - Nataly Arcila

Danny.usdz - Danny Lopez

Sam.usdz - Sam Yi

Yun.usdz - Yun-Shan Kang

Mark2.usdz - Mark Qian

Mark1.usdz - Mark Qian

Peng.usdz - Peng Geng

Peng2.usdz - Peng Geng

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