Clay models and a photograph in context for the introductory assignment in which we constructed furniture using foam board

A sketch along with the blue foam model reconstruction in which we constructed forms that would fit well within the user’s hand.

A sketch accompanied by its blue foam counterpart. This assignment was used to understand forms that would feel well in a person's hand while in use.

Sketches and clay models used as introductory steps in creating a shampoo bar aimed to cater to students at MICA

Resin, Soap, and Clay models of the chosen model for a shampoo bar in hopes to cater to MICA students.

Preliminary sketches for a tile design along with, a final design constructed using Fusion 360

Both 3D printed and vacuum formed models of the tile design originally constructed in Fusion 360

Photographs in context using rendered images of the tiles designs originally constructed in Fusion 360

Sketches made to construct a furniture model, in hopes to be created for a specific environment.

Polymer clay model created using the concepts in the sketches from the previous image. A close to the floor couch that also provides comfort.

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