For this project, I designed a toy dragon with wheels that rolled to be made with a CNC machine. The texture on the wings and head came from trying to create a sloped surface without taking the time to smooth it out, but I liked the effect and kept it.

View from top.

Here are some renderings of the dragon with cheerful red and yellow paint. I was very excited to discover the existence of glossy textures for rendering.

Another view of the dragon, at its most imposing.

A cardboard model of a Memphis style chair made for prototyping. The ribbed texture on the side was created by tearing off the top layer of cardboard, but leaving everything underneath it intact.

Detail shot of the same cardboard model.

This lamp is meant to be vaguely floral, and was created by laser cutting out pieces of wood and assembling them together. Then, a premade LED light with casing was put inside.

Space for the wire to connect to the LED light was sneakily included by cutting out sections where the wooden base would meet.

For this project, I designed a stovetop pressure cooker with a more austere aesthetic. The handle of it contains an electronic timer to make it more convenient to use. This is a render of what it might look like in the average kitchen.

Here are two print posters advertising the pressure cooker, under the fictitious brand name Juaun.

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