Daniel Carhuff

With a design approach focused on sustainability, pragmatism, and spirit, Daniel values the unseen consequences of thoughtful design. He believes in the details, recognizing the thousands of people who may be impacted by one decision. This appreciation for the little things, both internally and externally, stems from Daniel’s experience growing up in the backcountry of southern Arizona. As an avid wildlife photographer, Daniel respects that focusing on the details is what brings resolution to the bigger picture.

E C T O T H E R M is a boot design entirely focused on versatility, durability, and safety. It was inspired by and designed with input from herpetologists, people who study reptiles and amphibians. The extreme variability of conditions and terrain these individuals encounter drove the feature set of this design.

This sketch is the first to define the silhouette I decided to use moving forward.

This sequence shows the go gaiter feature. This is a waterproof gaiter liner that can easily be retracted or expanded for water crossings, wading, or extra protection in the field. Keeping it down ensures a more nimble and traditional experience, raising it gives the you the capabilities of a knee high boot, and removing the gaiter gives you a boot that lets water pass through with maximum ventilation and compatibility with hip waders.

Video Presentation of Thesis Project with process detail

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