Kristen Karlovich

Kristen is a multi-disciplinary creative talent with a focus on sustainable, scientific, fun, and progressive product design. Personable and determined, she brings a blend of leadership, guidance, creativity, and flare to everything she does.

Imers is a preventative therapeutic device for children's mental health development. Imers is a playful experience that helps increase oxytocin level in the brain by engaging children in physical movement, sound and visual guided mediation, and lateral alternating stimulation-tactile. Imers teaches kids about emotions, and helps them develop healthy ways of dealing with/ understanding them, and regulating them, while aiding in the prevention of a preventable mental illness (anxiety and depression).

Imers combines the physical and digital world while minimizing blue light exposure and increasing the oxytocin levels in a child's brain. Imers guides the child through a series of motions to help them understand, teach, and navigate their emotions.

Imers is equipped with a transparent OLED digital screen, emotional control watch, spacial awareness watch, detachable earbuds, and a physical emotional fort for the child to engage with.

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