Victoria Kim

In this project which is a theme “What would Dieter Rams do in 2021?”, I chose an air fryer to redesign it as a style of Braun. To reflect the style of Braun into my product, I got inspired a lot from various products designed by Rams. The colors presented from here are three primary colors and I applied it to the air fryer.

This is an air fryer colored in red.

This is an air fryer in which a basket of the air fryer is open. Plus, this shows an air fryer located in the kitchen.

This is an air fryer advertisement poster. This poster includes details such as interfaces, instructions, and sketches.

In this project, we started by choosing a piece of music and freely drawing any fluid forms as we felt. I chose the most interesting one of them and developed it into the polaroid camera.

This is a poster for my Polaroid camera, which includes details such as interfaces and instructions.

This is a wooden lamp inspired by the shape of a pumpkin. The lamp can be hung on the ceiling or placed on a table. This product targets consumers looking for daily and Halloween uses.

This is a wooden dressing doll set for 5 to 7-year-old girls. Pieces are separated and can be colored so that it can be customized by the user.

Although it does not show in here, the “dressing toy” set will have two different packages: one for a girl figure, and one for a boy figure. And there will also be a package that includes the both girl and a boy figure. For wider product lines, I hope to release packages only with clothes of various fashion styles.

This is a chair designed inspired from Memphis works. I reflected Memphis’s furniture characteristics which are geometric form and well-collaborated colors.

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