Lydia Liu

Design Lab III: Ideation sketches for solving problem for children (user) who have Cerebral Palsy. Using Music treatment as a main method to ideation on different product with sensor in order to collect data and analyze the data to find out the severity of the disease, also treating the patient using music treatment and practice during daily activities.

Final result for the shoe attachments with sensor. Attachments will be able to transfer data from the sensor to a laptop or phone through USB, so that patient can have a record of the development of the practice. From the mobile App, patient can listen to music while wearing the sensor shoe attachments, and the data that the sensor located on the bottom of the shoe attachments will be able to record the way patient walk and weight balance on each of his/her foot, so that analyze the walking distance and adjust the practice and music through online data library.

Dogs are human’s friends and they really like to spend time playing with their owner. There are so many reasons caused most of the owners not have enough time playing with their dogs. This is a huge concern for people who own a pet and not even have time to think about how to solve this problem.

Ideation and product renderings for the dog playing station. The station will be able to solve the problem of not have enough time to play with their dog(s). The fetching station also be able to monitor their dog’s behavior while the owner not at home. Owners will be able to use the APP to control the shooting distance, directions and analyze the process of dog(s) bring back the balls to setup the auto-play mode.

Senior Thesis: I went on a trip with my mother to Nepal during winter break. I recorded some part of my trip when we traveled around rural area 2 hour drive from Kathmandu--Nagarkot (Remote Area).

Rural area environment and living condition.

There are some Taboos and limitation around menstruation. Women who are student have different lives in school and at rural area home. Girls in rural area prefer using reusable pads at home and disposable pads in school.

Some ideation sketches for the problems.

Some possible solutions for the problem and post-it notes sketches derived from the idea tree. Evaluating the 5 ideation sketches, compare and contrast the top 3 designs.

Final design sketches, In-use process and possible partnership for the product. Highlight of this product is that this product solving the money problem by partnership with Nepal Red Cross Societies, United Nations, and some possible Manufactures, reducing the manufacture cost and propose some volunteers to join for help.

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