This project is a sculptural bench made from rectilinear forms. The materials it would be made of includes black and undyed concrete and brass or copper.

Initial sketches for decorative art deco inspired tiles.

Physical versions of decorative tiles seen in the previous photo. Pictured on the left is the original 3D print and on the right are vacuum form replicas showcasing the different ways the design can be tiled.


Renders in-context of art deco inspired decorative tiles in an upscale hotel’s reception desk.

Tiles shown as an accent wall in a restaurant.

A redesign of a shampoo bar for a client. This bar was designed to be easy to grip in the shower as well as easy to travel with with the addition of a container.

Wooden model for an alternative pen body design. This model in particular was designed to cater to a more ergonomic experience for lateral and dynamic tripod grips for both left and right handed people but it can also be used with lateral and dynamic quadrupod grips as well.


A second wooden pen body. This design caters to an adaptive tripod grip, commonly used with children who have low muscle tone or have hypermobile joints and can’t effectively use a more common grip.

Initial sketches for a chair designed for my roommate. The design was inspired by hanging macrame cat beds.

The final clay model of the chair. The colorway was chosen by my roommate since it was designed for her.

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