In this project, we designed a shampoo bar for specific customer, we learned about customizing the product and created models with clay, molds and soap.

I designed a shampoo bar for painter, the colorful and interested shape will attract my target customers.


In this project, we were asked to design a tile, we learned how to 3D modeling in Fusion 360. I designed the tiles with leaves textures.

These are the 3D print of the tile design.

We learned how to export the design to Adobe Dimension to create the environment, and learn to use Photoshop to render.


We export the image from Dimension to Adobe Photoshop for detailed rendering.

In this project, we designed a furniture for the target customer. I designed the table lamp that consists of storage space for stationery and paper.


We built a model though various materials, and did the computer scanning.

We export the scanning file to 3D modeling software to render and add color.


This is the final presentation of the furniture design.

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